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Dometic Certified in:

  • Duo-Therm Roof Mounted Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

  • Comfort Control Center Systems

  • Analog Control Systems

  • A&E Awnings

  • Dometic Americana, Americana  Plus, Royale and Classic Series Refrigerators

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)

  • Certified in Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Review


Certificate of Training from the Allen Institute for Automotive Computer Technology

Total RV, LLC is owned and operated by Tom Lowe.  Tom’s lifelong experience with RV’s makes him an expert on the subject.  Tom’s memories of RV’ing date back as far as he can remember.  The wonderful memories created during his experiences in an RV with family and friends is one reason Tom entered into the RV industry.


Tom’s experience with RV’s started around the age of five.  From this time, Tom was given “responsibilities” for set up and break down of camp.  These responsibilities became more difficult and important with each trip.  While this seems innocent, it allowed Tom to learn the workings of an RV very early on. 


Tom’s career experience began with part and accessory sales and installation.  This arena allowed him to familiarize with all the bells and whistles available for RV use.


Tom also spent many years in auto body.  During these many years, Tom learned to have an impeccable eye for detail.  This eye for detail remains in Tom’s work today.  He can identify problems with RV’s, such as soft spots or leaks, most times by sight alone.  Additionally, during his auto body days, Tom dealt with insurance adjusters and inspectors day in and day out.  This is a service Tom offers his current customers to this day.   Allowing the customers, a worry-free experience. 


Spending many years as a mechanic for Ford and Bellsouth, Tom’s responsibilities ranged from simple oil changes, to engine work, to fleet maintenance.  This experience is imperative for his current customers with Class A, B, and C motorhomes.


Finally, Tom spent many years, wearing many hats at an RV dealership.  Mastering service, warranty, parts, and transport Tom became an expert about everything RV.


Now, almost 40 years after his first memory of an RV, Tom has mastered everything there is to know about his specialty…RV’s.  His lifelong experiences in all aspects of the industry, combined with his commitment to his customers, allows Tom to offer his customers a service like no other can. 

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